IMG 8003 792x800Francea Phillips has been leading us for over twenty years as our President and CEO. A fifth generation Longmontian, she previously owned a marketing, advertising and event planning agency. She embraces change and challenges like a champion, putting her prior experience to great use here at Meals on Wheels of Boulder. Francea loves learning and says, "I'm inspired every time I read a 'white paper' or find a study on new techniques or new ways of doing things. I love attending workshops that introduce new ideas and new ways of thinking." In her spare time (what's that?), she loves to travel. She's also part of a group called the Walkie Talkies who hike around the lake in her neighborhood. She loves humor and comedy -- the lighter side of life! What's Francea's favorite thing about working at Meals on Wheels of Boulder? "Every day is a new challenge and definitely a new adventure. It's never boring. The daily challenges require on-the-spot decision making. Helping people is what it's all about."Contact Francea.

kkKaren Kay Thompson comes to us with over 12 years of experience in donor relationships and planned giving and we are so glad to have her on our team. Karen has four grown children and three grandkiddos, and she loves to spend time with all of them. Karen is definitely a lifelong learner - she recently became a paralegal, "just because" she enjoyed the learning. Her hobbies include gardening, horticulture, listening to and playing (guitar, piano and flute!) music and being outdoors as much as possible. She is inspired by her faith. She says, "Externals can't make me feel complete, happy, fulfilled or peaceful. My faith keeps me strong, focused and inspired every single day." She loves the positive environment, meaningful work and the obvious heartfelt caring she finds here at Meals on Wheels of Boulder. Get to know Karen, we think you will find her to be delightfully warm and kind. Want to learn about the many ways you can give to us creatively? Contact Karen.

heidiHeidi Marchi joined Meals on Wheels of Boulder at the end of December 2017, and is thrilled to be working with a non-profit that puts so much care into making sure folks get a great meal and see a friendly face every day. Since beginning her second life working with elders, Heidi has focused much of her career working with the most vulnerable as a long-term care ombudsman and in non-profit, affordable housing. As a volunteer for Meals on Wheels of Boulder, Heidi states “I found delivering meals week after week to the same folks was one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences I’ve ever had. Some have no family, no one to spend holidays with, and bringing a smile and a hot meal helps alleviate some loneliness.” Heidi lives in the mountains above Boulder with her husband, two boys, and two dogs. She is an active volunteer firefighter and enjoys driving big trucks, hiking in Colorado’s beautiful outdoors, yoga, and cooking Contact Heidi.

IMG 7997 792x800Lehshel (pronounced Lee Shell') Pond rounds out our Client Services team. Originally from Illinois, Lehshel has lived in Louisville for 14 years. In her "previous life," she's been a stay-at-home mom, restaurant manager, massage therapist and massage therapy instructor. When she is not busy with work or family. Lehshel enjoys being creative - through art, gardening, sewing or cooking. She likes to hang out with her kids and her dog, too. Inspired by people, nature and spirituality, she loves to celebrate this journey called life and finds beauty in both the unity and diversity all around. Lehshel has always enjoyed volunteering and says she is honored to work here at Meals on Wheels of Boulder. "I'm really glad to know our program is so supportive and meets a real need in the community. I love the staff and volunteers, too. I'm so grateful to be here!" If you run into Lehshel, be sure to say hi - she's so friendly, her kids say she talks to everybody! Contact Lehshel.

Nancy1000Nancy Sullivan moved to Boulder as a toddler, but considers herself an (almost) native. She has a degree in Economics from CU Boulder and worked in the banking industry for many years. She took great pride in being foster parent for Boulder County and has served as a volunteer for the Sister Carmen Food Bank, SHARE Colorado, and the Lafayette Senior Center. She currently lives in Lafayette with her husband and enjoys motorcycle rides (as a passenger!). She also loves to swing dance and making beautiful container gardens. Nancy is excited to be working at Meals on Wheels of Boulder because she believes that we can all make the world a better place in the big and small things we do. Contact Nancy.

lesleyLesley Jackson comes to us from Coal Creek Meals on Wheels, where she was the Executive Director. Lesley has a passion for ensuring that everyone has enough to eat. Not only enough, but good quality, healthy food. She ran Evergreen Christian Outreach for 8 years, serving the local community with emergency food and other services. She enjoys going out to meet people to tell them about meals on wheels services. She states that “so many people don’t understand that, here in Boulder County, we serve anyone of any age with a delicious, freshly cooked meal.” Lesley moved to Colorado from the UK 20 years ago, and in her spare time loves to travel, garden, read historical fiction and spend time with her two English Labs, Tetley and Tia. Contact Lesley.

AmyAmy Adams works in accounting, operations, development ... and much more. Prior to coming on staff, she was one of our top volunteers! As a CPA with a masters degree in finance, she's well-prepared to lend her expertise as we work to be the most effective and efficient non-profit in town. She very much appreciates the mission and friendly culture here. She says, "I've had a long and interesting professional career, and now I enjoy being able to help support a cause I believe in." Amy worked in corporate finance both in the US and internationally and also worked with another non-profit here in town. Amy has been married for 30 years and has two daughters. She also has two cats and a 28 year-old turtle! In her free time, she is a cyclist - usually on her road bike, but she has a unicyle, too. Amy amazes us daily with her ideas and efficiences. We're thrilled to have her on our team! Contact Amy.

Janean ZiskaFrom Wings to Wheels….Janean Ziska hails from Dallas Texas, and enjoyed just about every minute of her twenty years at an international flight training center. She specialized in client services and later worked as a records specialist. She met pilots and technicians from all over the world and treasures the relationships made during her time there. Janean has two great sons, one in Texas and the other in California. She’s loved every bit of the adventures that boys can bring to a mom and is very glad she an affinity with worms, frogs, snakes and whatever else a son might bring to the life of a mom of boys! She is happy to be part of Meals on Wheels of Boulder as it allows her to use her heart and smile to better the lives of others. Contact Janean.

IMG 7931 800x746Todd Fidler has been our Kitchen Manager since 2002. But he's been cooking for people since he was a young teen-ager! A fourth generation Boulderite, Todd started cooking in Boulder, went to school for a different career, and then returned immediately to cooking. He says some of his best learning came from a chef who trained him: His mentor would mix 4 spices in a dish and have Todd close his eyes and guess the spices by smelling them. If he couldn't figure it out, Todd had to taste what was in the dish, and guess again. We're glad Todd uses his well-honed sense of flavor balance, taste and smell as he daily creates dishes to serve to our clients and Cafe Classico customers. Starting each workday at 6 a.m., Todd says, "I like that my job makes an impact on our community. More people live better lives, and live at home for longer. That matters." He realizes good nutrition, comaraderie and a chance to connect with other people are so important, and he is glad to use his talent to benefit our community. When he's not cooking, you'll find Todd fly fishing, hunting or panning for gold. Contact Todd.

IMG 7977 800x533Chef Tyler CrazyBear, affectionately known as "Bear," comes to us with an interesting and varied background. 100% Lakota Sioux Native American, Bear was born on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Bear holds undergraduate and masters degrees in Audio Visual Science from C.U. Boulder, and a minor in Culinary Arts. He spent many years touring with "big names" like The Who, Christina Augilera, Macklemore and more! Even while he was working in the music industry, he was "chef-ing" and cooking as much as possible. Since transitioning to full-time cooking, Bear has been an Executive Chef at restaurants and even a hospital. In his free time, he is a self-described cartoon fanatic (Scooby Doo and Tom & Jerry) and he loves spending time with his wife and three young daughters. As a family, they like to attend pow-wows, where his daughters dance competitively. Bear is happy to be part of our team because he loves getting to know the folks who come to Cafe Classico every day, and he appreciates the chance to be creative with our menu planning. He wishes more people knew about Cafe Classico! "I feel like I'm part of the family here at Meals on Wheels of Boulder." Perfectly stated, Chef CrazyBear! Contact Bear.

IMG 7976 800x533Chef Kirk Salzer is part of our amazing kitchen team and he's happy to be here! He has lived in Boulder for twenty years and says many of his life experiences have prepared him for working with us. Kirk served as a cook in the Navy and has worked in high end restaurants and as a caterer. He's also worked in human services, primarily with disabled individuals. "There's so much I like about being here! The volunteers are great and our cooking team is a great fit, too. I love the freedom to be creative and to experiment with different ideas. I like to be part of a growing organization, and these are exciting times at Meals on Wheels of Boulder!" Kirk's leisure time passions include fly fishing and playing music -- he calls himself a "campfire musician." . As Member at Large on the board for the LeftHand Artist Group, Kirk says he's inspired by his wife of twenty-three years. She is an artist, very creative and active in the arts. Kirk says he loves our "honest mission statement," and he wishes more people understood how important we are to the folks who receive our services. "We don't simply deliver food ... there is a great deal of value in the social interaction our clients enjoy with our volunteers." We're so glad you are part of the family, Captain Kirk! Contact Kirk.

IMG 7974 662x800Jose works in our kitchen as our dishwasher and all-around helper. He helps plan our menus, too, and likes to bring some international flair to our daily meal options. One time his mom created lots and lots of her special tamales and we served them for Tuesday night dinner at Cafe Classico! Jose has lived in Boulder for most of his life and he likes spending his spare time with his family or hiking. He likes working with us because he enjoys the people and it's a friendly, calm environment. He says he's inspired by his parents, who are good, hard-working people. Contact Jose.